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alt+ is an award-winning design consultancy based in Hong Kong and specialising in integrated design services- from corporate branding, visual identities, product design, UI/UX design, packaging design to communication design. 

Our team is comprised of multi-talented designers and creators with creativity and thorough understanding of social culture, consumer experience, market and brand value, which has been working successfully with our clients on multiple design fields and innovative levels. 

We have been successfully delivering excellent design solutions to our clients all around the world.


alt+ provide integrated services from the design strategy and initial ideation stage through the full design stages to commercialization.
Our creative multidisciplinary design always proves effective within identifying the correct design and business values within the various contexts.


alt+ works with you to solve the strategic and creative challenges from corporate branding, visual identity, packaging design, display design to communication design.
Our uniqueness lies in our ability to identify key cultural, social and business behaviors along with the real needs of everyday people. 

alt+ not only provides user experience friendly interface, we also leverage the use of our unique design methodologies to provide customized design consulting and integrated services, empowering enterprises & guaranteeing their sustained innovation and design competitiveness.

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We integrate unusual ideas, emerging technologies and changeable needs to apply and realize innovative products and solutions. From an idea to a successful product, we take care every single detail to make you dreams come true.

Family identity establishes a unified product image for the brand, which plays an important role in communicating brand values to users and strengthening the market's cognition of products.
As one of our core services, alt+ is an expert which has rich experience in the field of product family/range identity.


alt+ discovers design and business opportunities through our expert insight and analysis. 
In an ever-changing business environment, we are constantly searching for a better understanding of consumer needs and experiences, market trends, changes, and where these intersect with your business.

We are a team of multi-talented designers and creators with creativity, crossover, professionalism, team spirit and efficiency. 
We carry top works quality and immense satisfaction for clients along with thorough understanding of social-culture, multi-media communication,
market and brand value.


What’s the secret to understanding user needs?

alt+ devoted to uncover the hidden truths and rules through studying people mentalities, behaviors, lifestyles, value, and cultures.



With integrity and honesty, we are dedicated to becoming a dependable partner that will invest in long-term relationships with clients that is built on open communication and collaboration.

How we use design to create success?

By utilizing various types of design research methods and service design tools, we are able to uncover insights and pain points to create new inventive experiences for users. Tools and exercises include needs analysis, market strategy, trend research, and collecting qualitative and quantitative insights to help us fully understand the context and needs of users. 



Behind good design, there is a powerful vision that guides you into exploration of possibilities and discovering new solutions to meet the needs of people.


T  +852-6530 4230

    +852-2798 8881

C  +86-186 766 82766

F  +852-27988618

206B, 2/F, Photonics Centre, 2E Science Park East Ave, Science & Technology Parks, New Territories, Hong Kong

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